Antique Ansonia Brass & Copper Co Drop Extra Calendar Wall Clock Parts/Repair

How to fix an antique mantel clock Service u0026 lubricating an overwound movement DIY Ansonia repairs

Measures tall 26, wide 16, deep 4-3/4. The strike spring is broken. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda. Drop Extra Calendar Wall Clock 8-day. Antique ansonia brass & copper co drop extra calendar wall clock parts/repair the seller is 7podolany and is located in illinois.

Silk Suzani, Uzbek Embroidered Tapestry Wall Hanging, Tribal Tablecloth, Bedspread

Wall Tapestry 5 Ways

Embroidery on silk satin (0051). Base silk satin fabric is handmade, so there may be inaccuracies. Silk suzani, uzbek embroidered tapestry wall hanging, tribal tablecloth, bedspread in the design would appear a tree of life, a fanciful garden, stylised pomegranates symbolising abundance and fertility, brightly coloured tulips and carnations on a vast desert-like brown field everyday objects like the humble ewer the evil eye.