Celebrating our 8th year in press


From Diapers Hill to Widows' Hill

Homes in Don McLellan's old Renfrew Heights neighbourhood now sell for a million-plus. He remembers when it was a low budget haven for returning veterans.... more

PW Bridgman's The Mars Hotel featured in Dancing on the Edge festival

The Mars Hotel began as an ultra-short story by Vancouver writer P.W. Bridgman... The resulting piece was to be a gift to his wife, but has morphed into much more.... more

Review: Hear Me Out

Three months after asking her lover to leave, Tzoutzi Matzourani is tormented by his absence.... more

Our Philosophy

We know that not every book gets published, but we also know that there are those who deserve to get published but don't. That is why we are here.

Libros Libertad is free. Free from corporate pressures; free from interference from the suits in accounting; free from marketing gurus; free from the agendas of arts bureaucrats and their funding criteria.

So, Libros Libertad can take risks with new or unfashionable talents, voices from across the whole range of world culture – be they avant garde or traditional. Genres and genders don't matter. Vision and voice do.